How to make a playlist on Tiktok?

In In 2021, TikTok introduced the playlist feature, which has proven to be a great way to organize and display your best videos. Creating playlists on TikTok enhances your music experience on the platform, helps you stay organized, and enables you to share and discover new music with others. However, as with all the good things, there is a catch. This article will show you how to make a personal Tiktok playlist and will explain the benefits they provide.

What is a playlist on TikTok?

 The TikTok playlists feature, also known as creator playlists, enables creators to group their videos into playlists. As a result, it is simple for viewers to consume series or narrative content that is comparable to or tells a story they have already appreciated.

On your profile, playlists are displayed above your frequently posted or pinned videos (as seen in the image below). Playlists on TikTok resemble IGTV episodes in many ways. Playlists on TikTok will be simple to understand if you have expertise with IGTV series.

Why is there a need to create TikTok playlist?

The key to becoming viral, all things considered, is the simplicity of content joined with an interesting, entrancing, or silly video. TikTok playlists have made it much easier for people to watch your videos. Playlists also make it easy to "binge" on your feed. A similar video will play next if you liked a particular video in a playlist.

 A series on TikTok is precisely what it sounds like an assortment of recordings intended to be observed successively. They frequently follow a guiding central narrative.

TikTok series can become rambling, similar to a smaller-than-normal network show, leaving watchers expecting the following delivery. Utilizing a cliffhanger-style finishing for your series helps keep your crowd intrigued and locked in.

With playlists on TikTok, viewers can quickly locate the next episode in a series. It is possible for the next episode to be hidden beneath other content on your page when someone visits it after watching a video on their FYP.

How to use TikTok's playlist feature?

Not everyone can use the TikTok playlist feature. Moreover, all creators' profiles cannot contain TikTok playlists. You are probably a member if the Video tab of your profile lets you create playlists.

Want to access playlists on TikTok but aren't in a club? There is, however, no workaround yet but no need to worry as in the near future there will be more users on the playlist if its functionality succeeds. The following are the steps that user needs to follow in order to make their personal playlist.


Click on the Profile tab.

The bottom-right corner of the screen is where you'll find it. You are then directed to your profile's Videos tab, where you can view all of your videos as well as any playlists you may have made.


Tap Playlists by sorting videos.

You'll see this option above your videos if you haven't yet made a playlist and playlists are an option for your account. You can see your previous playlists here if you've already built one, either straight from a video or from your profile. Tap “+” next to any of your current playlists to start a new one.


Tap Next after entering a name for your playlist.

Choose a name that adequately represents the videos you plan to add.



Tap Next after choosing a video.

You must press each video you want to add to the playlist on this screen. A pink and white checkmark is added to the top corner of a video after tapping it.


Select Create playlist.

The playlist can now be found on the Videos page of your profile.