Tiktok Updates 2023

The massively known app across the globe, Tiktok is the talk of the town due to its launch of exciting new features this year. With the rolling out of updates, Tiktok is becoming a market giant for businesses and content creators.  In order to boost their experience. Let’s have a look at the amazing feature of 2023!

Sleep reminder feature

Considering that in past few years, TikTok has been labelled as a platform for distracting users and for some becoming an obsession. It has decided to launch a new feature in order to control the amount of time the users spend in front of the screen. 

Moreover, you will be able to able to set screen time breaks of ten, twenty, and thirty minutes or custom the screen time according to your desire. It will not only provide you with an overview of the screen time but will allow the followers of the app to set sleep reminders as an alarm to when it’s time to go to bed. 

Find particular parts of the video by Scrubbing Thumbnail 

Scrubbing thumb has made users' life easier and uplifted the experience of the audience. It is a game-changer feature as the users do not have to view the entire video or fast-forward it. In search to get to watch the particular part. The search is over now as you can watch the exact part you want to and skip to the visual cues. Fortunately, the feature is out already! Go grab your hands on it.

Access IMDb through Tiktok 

TikTok users are well aware of the fact of how swiftly a TV show or, film, or even a snippet of the episode can go viral within a few minutes. In collaboration with IMDb Tiktok has made it simpler to find the trending show. It further allows the users to tag the films and TV shows in the video. 

When the users will see the tagged post, they will be directed to an in-built app page where they can view the details from IMDb about the specific movie. In addition, they will get to see a bunch of TikTok related to the film which they can save in the favourites tab. 

However, follow for more updates about when the feature will be available across the globe. Presently it is only available to the users in UK and US. But soon it will be implemented globally. 

How videos display on your For You Page is disclosed by TikTok?

The algorithm used by TikTok is rather interesting; it suggests films on your FYP that are uniquely catered to your preferences. And right now, TikTok viewers can find out why a specific video appeared in their feeds. 

How to use this intriguing new TikTok function is as follows:

  • Browse the For You feed.
  • Click the "share" button.
  • On the right side of your screen click on"Why this video”. 
  • This page explains why TikTok suggested this video to you.

Although TikTok claims that its suggestions are based on a technical model, here is a brief explanation of what they are

  •  Accounts that you follow or that are recommended
  • Locally favoured material
  • Recently published material in your area
  •  User interactions, such as what you search for, comment on, like, and watch.

These new functions allow users to comprehend the question of why is a particular video shown on their feed. Primarily it is because the video might be trending in your location. Therefore, it allows the content creators to recreate the viral video. As it is likely that the same video will be shown on feeds of the targeted audience increasing the market space for businesses and influencers. 





Effects and Filters


A wide range of effects and filters to enhance and add creative elements to videos.

Duet and Stitch


Collaborate with other creators by creating split-screen duets or stitching multiple videos.



Go live and interact with followers in real-time, including live chat and virtual gifting.

Challenges and Hashtags


Participate in viral challenges and use hashtags to discover trending content.

Sounds and Music Library


Access an extensive library of music and sounds to incorporate into videos.

Creator Marketplace


Brands and businesses can connect with TikTok creators for sponsored content collaborations.

Key Take Away

TikTok is coming up with new exciting features every year. But 2023 is opening new horizons to enhance the user’s experience. Adjusting screen time to avoid excessive use of the app, it makes it easy for the audience to find the particular section of the desired video. Users no longer need to worry about the target audience and with the expert guidance of the Tiktok app they can boost their content accordingly.